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November 24, 2014. Emmitsburg, MD

ThirstyLandTwitterNEWConrad Weaver of ConjoStudios, LLC announces new documentary
We are thrilled to announce that we’re in Pre-Production planning for an exciting new documentary film called Thirsty Land. This film will tell the story of drought, its impact on agriculture, communities, and global food supplies. Farmers are working hard to produce more food for a growing global population and they are doing it with less available land and a dwindling water supply. As drought and weather changes impact ground and surface water supplies, the battle for water rights and control of our nation’s fresh water supply often has farmers and communities in conflict. Thirsty Land will explore these and related issues.

The Robert B. Daugherty Water for Food Institute at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has recently endorsed this project, saying they are “proud to share our support for Thirsty Land, a documentary film which will highlight the issue of drought and its wide reaching impact on agriculture, local communities, and food supplies.”  We hope to be able to work with the Water for Food Institute and other similar organizations to highlight the work that’s being done to mitigate drought-related issues world-wide.

Our goal is to begin filming Thirsty Land in early 2015 as funding becomes available, and since this is such a pertinent subject we hope to be able to complete production later in the year.  We are currently seeking funding from companies, organizations, and individuals who are would be interested in working with us in telling this important story. Please contact us if you’re interested in supporting the Thirsty Land film project.